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Email Campaign Manager v4.0 - newest release. This incredible system just got better. More features. More benefits. More value. Choose the right version for your needs and your budget. Find out more now!

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"World Famous Waldorf=Astoria Chooses Symbolic's Interactive Marketing System"

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Our Interactive Marketing System is the most effective email marketing solution today. It's Smart. Simple. Effective.

We created this incredible suite of email marketing components to generate incomparable - and trackable - results...At a price you would not expect. No per-send fees. No hardware changes. No complications.

Give us 24 hours and we'll place the system on your website. No design changes. No hardware to install. In 30 days you'll generate 100's and 1000's of new leads in your own manageable email database, and it will continue month after month. You can then deliver highly targeted messages with I-Mail, I-Newsletters, Flash Movies and more.

Best of all the Interactive Marketing System is based on a flexible component system so you only invest in tools that you really need.

Consider adding an I-Survey System to your Interactive Marketing System and gather critical buying patterns of your prospects, when they travel, when they plan to buy, what is their budget, etc.

Delivering an incentive to complete an I-Survey, this campaign for the JW Marriott Ihilani commanded a 16% response rate.

Client #113   Generated 58,000 email leads in 4 months

Client #98   Sold a meeting to a new lead within 72 hours of using our system.

Client #46   Offer generates a 27% response rate.

Client #67   Replaced an $80,000 printed newsletter with a $5000 I-Newsletter and generates a 17% response rate to offers.

On average, it takes four to six weeks to complete a direct mail campaign vs. just seven to ten business days for an e-mail campaign. Responses to direct mail take an average of three to six weeks, while responses to email take an average of three days. -- GartnerG2

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